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Peter Burnett–The Studio Game

In Stuff We Like on August 27, 2013 at 1:37 pm

We just read this and we love it. It’s a bitter, wry, sad, wild, thoughtful adventure around the contemporary art world and what a mixed-up state it’s in. It’s also a tender book about love and Marcel Duchamp, wonderfully anti capitalist, anti conformist, and pro ocean bottom.

‘All my life I had been an artist. I had let the idea run riot fifty seven minutes every hour. That left two minutes for dreaming – thirty seconds for doubting – fifteen seconds for loving the world – seven seconds for resolving that I could do something about it, and four seconds for high consciousness. For two seconds of each hour I stared at my hands or felt my trousers – and for one second every hour I allowed my normally sublimated sexual desire a chance to think what it wanted. Half a second every hour of the day was spent in fright, and a half of that was spent in remembering my childhood. You can calculate my free time from there.’

Fledgling Press, Edinburgh. Go get it.



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